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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Scolding for Misbehavior

Previous sections of this blog talk about the importance of Scolding in the DD relationship, but I cannot overemphasize the fact that scolding allows D. to feel my frustration in ways that the actual spanking cannot. It also helps him to respect me more. I committed early in our DD relationship to use scolding to gain D.'s respect. During each discipline session, I unleash a good dose of lecture and scolding.

Scolding is verbal chastisement sternly delivered in a somewhat angry tone. When I am about to spank D., I take verbal control of the situation and remain in control throughout the disciplinary session. I always speak to him in a firm, strong voice so that he knows feull-well that I mean business. Once he is in position and the actual spanking has started, I see no reason to stop lecturing and scolding. I try to maintain verbal correction throughout the entire spanking.


Anonymous WAH!! said...

Ma'am, no one needs or deserves scolding more than me! I have done a ton a naughty things in my life - and enjoyed doing them! Now I need to pay the bill! ABS, always be scolding. It is particularly effective with me to treat me as very young, and my Spanker is very disappointed in me and my behavior! It really gets to me! I can be tearing before I'm ever spanked! I will be sobbing and sincerely apologising the whole spanking! It is the best thing in the world for me! Scolding and hard spanking!

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