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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Choosing the Implements

I believe that a spanking should start with a hand warm-up. It is much easier to control the intensity of hand smacks, and they can be more forceful or less forceful as the situation requires. When I administer a punishment spanking to D., I like to give him at least 15-20 very firm warm-up swats with my hand.

Another smart implement is a small leather paddle. This is one of my favorite things to use because it is compact (I often carry it in my purse for those impromtu situations), makes a loud noise on impact, and creates a very pink glow in his bottom (and sometimes on the backs of his thighs. It is a bendable leather "slapper" - and it is very effective in creating the right mood in a spanking. I apply typically as many swats as it takes to get D.'s attention.

Note: The one time we were at a hotel and I'd left the small leather paddle at home, I used a bedroom slipper on his bare bottom. I took some extra time to make sure I had his attention that night. There are a few things that can be picked up at a moment's notice to administer a sound spanking - and a bedroom slipper is a great substitute.

Another implement is a large leather paddle. This type of paddle is great for giving firm punishment spankings - especially when I want to cover his entire bottom with very little effort. The larger paddle is long enough to smack both cheeks at the same time and is usually very light and easy to manipulate for the desired effect. When I use the larger paddle, I usually give him 10 swats - and make him count each one!

There are a couple other implements that I use frequently during a discipline session. My absolute faborite implement is the strap - and that's because it gets D.'s attention immediately. A strap is a long leather piece with a handle on one end. It's not long enough to be a belt. The strap will get D. whimpering and squirming faster than anything else in the collection, but I do try to not overdo the swats with the strap.

The belt is different from the strap because it is longer and must be folded in two to be manageable. I apply the strap when tears are required. I use the belt to vary the rhythm and strength of the swats during the punishment. I always apply at least 10-15 swats with the belt, when necessary.


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