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Friday, February 03, 2006

Determining the Severity of the Spanking

This particular task requires some advance planning. I use the list of rules in conjunction with the Disciplinary Log to determine the severity of D.'s punishment. The more deliberate the violation, the more severe I make the spanking. If he is repeating the same offense over and over (as with his sarcasm), I increase the severity to make the spanking more effective.

Use the Disciplinary Log to help determine the required intensity. I like to hear D. squeal. I like to watch him squirm. I like to make the spanking a memorable event - so that he remembers it for quite a long time. This is another reason I've required him to describe his punishments in the Disciplined One weblog. If I must administer a Repentance spanking, I build the severity until D. is exhibiting the necessary tears of repentance.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hand warm ups are a nice intimate way to start a spanking. However, for punishment (as compared to a play session) I go straight to the main course. I find that punishment sessions are more effective when they are of a short duration but intense. I don't start at maximum force (think this is more to do with getting my aim right more than anything else) but increase it throughout the punishment. I try to land the last stroke on the top inch of thigh. I prefer to use a cane or a long thin schooling whip.
Rosy (Phil's better half!)

5:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I too have to use a disciplinary log which describes what i have done wrong and what in future I need to do to correct my abberant behaviour.
My female supremacist then makes an entry herself stating how many strokes with what and how long and how severe she administered them.
Also how I behaved under discipline,did I move did I moan how did my bottom or thighs etc responded to the discipline.How many welts and the colouring.
I always then kneel between her thighs and she cuddles me often I have the privelage of sucking on her breasts.At these times she is so maternal.Not just the breast feeding but the spanking.
Women are the duality of stern punisher and comforting admonisher.

7:15 PM  

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