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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Deciding on a Position

The choice of a position has a profound impact on the tone of the spanking. When I decide on a position for D., I consider which implements I will be using. A belt or a strap requires a large swing area, so I typically have him bend over a bed for these implements.

Since a spanking usually begins with hand warm-ups, I begin with the over the knee position, then change to another position when it's time to change implements. An over the knee spanking is more intimate because both partners are physically connected during the spanking. For this reason, OTK is one of our most popular positions.

I also like requiring D. to lie on his stomach on a bed or a sturdy table for a spanking. Adding a few pillows under his hips may make this position more comfortable, and will definitely provide a better target for my belt or strap.

A more challenging position is bent over some piece of furniture (such as a bed or a couch). Bent over positions can be more intense because the gluteus muscles are stretched. There will be times when I plan on milking D. before the spanking, and I'll start him in the bent over position for these sessions.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

My wife prefers me in the bending over the bed or chair back position. She has tried OTK, but says she can't "get as hard a swing as she wants too" that way. She uses a wooden paddle or hairbrush. Both are very effective in taht position.

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