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Thursday, February 16, 2006

Administering the Spanking

Once his clothes are out of the way, you can utter the next set of instructions - "All right, bend over!" It is time for the actual spanking to begin. This is where you pull your naughty boy close and give him the spanking that he deserves. You might want to say something like "I want to be sure you remember this lesson!" to signal the beginning of the spanking.
  • The first 20+ smacks are hand warm-ups. Make sure you have his full attention. If he moves around too much, you may need to remind him to keep still. He may squirm around a little as you spank him. If D. is not squirming, I am not spanking hard enough.
  • After the warm-ups, you should start spanking him in earnest. Alternate your smacks evenly between the two cheeks. Every now and then you can place 2-4 smacks in rapid succession on the same cheek. Concentrate on the lower half of his bottom and down the tops of both thighs.
  • Continue to scold him while you spank him. As we discussed in an earlier section, it is important that you scold your naughty boy while you spank him. Remind him about the reason for his punishment.
  • Switch implements when necessary. Don't be afraid to take a brief break from smacking his bare bottom to change positions or switch to another implement.
  • Follow through with your spanking plan. I always make sure I spank D. until I get the desired response. It may be difficult to spank him, but it is important to be sure the lesson has gotten through. You must demonstrate that you can follow through.
How many swats do you give? This is not a question that has a universal answer. Generally, you should continue to spank until YOU are satisfied beyond any doubt that your naughty boy is truly repentant, and that the misbehavior that necessitated the spanking has been corrected.


Anonymous WAH!! said...

You are exactly right, Ma'am. In a real punishment spanking, besides serious physical harm there are no limits. The spankee asked for it, and he gets it! It has been me. I have even smarted off over the knee during a really serious spanking, and got a spanking video type extreme spanking, which I deserved for my smart mouth. I was shown what a very, very serious spanking is, and it did me good! It changed me! For the better! I thoroughly believe that a Disciplinarian should never let up, aside from serious harm (bleeding), until She is sure that real change and communication has occurred!

5:45 PM  

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