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Thursday, March 09, 2006

Corner Time

For many couples, corner time is an integral prt of the discipline routine. I use corner time when I want D. to think about his offense. Sometimes I have him stand in the corner before the spanking to build anticipation of the punishment to come. Other times I require him to stand in the corner after the spanking to heighten the effect of the punishment.

I have found that corner time allows the spanking to be expanded. By this I mean D. may need to have his punishment spread out over two or more sessions. I often give him a series of spankings for the more serious offenses - with each punishment in the series being more harsh. I can usually determine by his reaction during corner time if another spanking is warranted.

I discovered early that I needed to force D. to reflect on his misbehavior. There is no better place for him to do this than standing in the corner. When D. is put into this very boring place (instead of in front of the television), he is forced to go inside himself. He spends his time reflecting on the circumstances that led to his discipline and his responsibility.


Anonymous Wintermute said...

Not only does corner time allow a period
of reflection to break up several
spanking sessions, I think that it also
allows the bottom to properly recover.
A hard paddling tends to numb the bottom
so that after a point the spanking does
not hurt as much as it did at first.
A period in the corner gives the bottom
time to recover feeling, so that the
spanking, when it continues, will be
properly felt. Or at least that's why
I like corner time.



12:02 AM  
Anonymous George said...

Apart from eye contact - which is a two way communication, i.e. not only can you see into your bad boy's eyes, but also he can see the determined look of his disciplinarian when she dishes out a severe punishment - the diaper position has the advantage that you can easily reach the spots where the brush or strap are most effective: the lower part of the buttocks, the crease between the buttocks and the thighs and the upper part of the thighs themselves!

My wife does not use the DP very often, but when she does, it hurts - a lot!


3:33 AM  
Blogger metman said...

Corner time is done almost daily in our home. Wife is the DISCIPLINARIAN in the family and I am the sub/servant/husband. I am required to stand in the corner for 30-60 mins each night as a reminder of who is the BOSS of the house. It does make me more submissive and we have been doing this for 38 yrs of marriage. That's right, we are a couple in our 50's. Newly weds should try this lifestyle.

5:49 AM  

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